Friday, January 26, 2007

RE: Top 10 Teacher Tips for Getting Tip-Top Homework Grades

David Hirning's "Top 10 Teacher Tips for Getting Tip-Top Homework Grades," although an A+ article, makes me raise my hand with a question. Why does MSN - Encarta categorize it as "Elementary"?

Don't the ten tips apply equally to everyone, of every age, in every book-related learning and test-prep situation? Wouldn't heeding them be wise, whether studying for an examination, a standardized test, a professional exam, a test to obtain U.S. citizenship or a written test for a driver's license?

Since I think "Yessiree, Bob" answers both questions, I e-mailed the article to a contemporary who's taking university courses, his 13-year-old son, and my teenaged nephews. I will also share copies of these (and other) useful studying and test-taking tips with others who might benefit. Standardized tests are looming, and I want my peeps to be well-prepared.

The peeps I want to prepare include my students at Study Works (whose tagline is: "Your Complete Source for SAT, SAT II & ACT Prep"). To learn what Study Works can do for you, contact Bonnie and Laurie, at (01) 800-783-1728 or (01) 914-962-4SAT.

In addition to applying David Hirning's top ten tips and test-taking strategies and resources, such as those offered by Study Works, ALL successful students must do the following: