Wednesday, April 11, 2007

This runaround about parking is enough to drive a body nuts!

STOP the madness! Remember the friend I posted about earlier, who purchased two regstration stickers and received two temporary passes to park at Nassau Community College (NCC)? Now he - and, others, I surmise - are in a sticky wicket.

My friend purchased two parking registration stickers online at the NCC Student Vehicle Registration Program web page. He submitted his vehicle info and a valid credit card number to Credentials Order Processing Services Inc. - ParkingPlus©, and received two temporary parking passes in return. Both soon expired, but only one permanent sticker ever arrived to replace them. The other remains (as they say on NYPD Blue about criminals, material witnesses, and other suspicious characters who disappear on the lam) "in the wind."

My friend's follow-ups with the folks NCC hired to charge people's credit cards in exchange for sending parking registrations, the campus Public Safety Department (which issues Visitor Parking passes and enforces the parking rules, in conjunction with the the Nassau County Traffic and Parking Violations Agency)), and NCC Administration have, so far, been frustrating and unfruitful. In effect, he's gotten the runaround about parking his car. Surely, there must be some wizard behind the curtain with the heart, brains and courage to phone home and fix this. But my friend's had his fill trying to find him or her.

Sure, my friend could cancel the charge on his credit card. But if he did, the bank says, he'd have to cancel the card, too. That would require submitting a new card number to all the vendors he pays by recurring credit card charges in order to simplify life. Too complicated, says my friend.

What's really revving up the concern here is the fact that an expired temporary parking pass makes one's car vulnerable to getting another ticket: that's the (type of) ticket the missing parking pass is supposed to prevent. Certainly, a credit card receipt and associated temporary parking pass should be all one would need to successfully fight (such a summons in) City Hall. But to have to invest the time, effort and fuel (at practically $3 per gallon!) do so would be enough to drive a body nuts!