Sunday, August 26, 2007

NorthxEast is a Bloggers Bonanza

My blogroll's latest edition is NorthxEast: Unmissable Weekly Articles for Bloggers. This virtual blogger's bonanza lives up to the hype pushed by its publishers, Collis Ta’eed (the Sydney, Australia-based print and web design man behind the machine at Eden Creative Communities) and Leo Babauta (ZenHabits' "simple productivity" guru and contributor to the powerblogs:, DumbLittleMan, FreelanceSwitch and the WebWorkerDaily).

About NxE reads:

NorthxEast is a blog about blogging. Written by two up and comers with contributions from guest experts across the industry, the blog presents both sound blogging advice as well as penetrating insights. With a longer, more in-depth style, NxE aims to provide a series of weekly articles that no blogger can afford to miss.
Eden Creative Communities also describes NxE at Family of Sites: One big happy family. And getting bigger... Here is an excerpt:

The site provides analysis, tutorials and tips for bloggers and is building a small, steady following.
NxE boasts another blogger bonus: Freelance Jobs (which links to Writing/Blogging Jobs at Freelance Switch (also an Eden Creative Communities ( website).
NOTE TO COLLIS AND LEO: Write on, bros!