Thursday, May 26, 2005

5/25 "SCORE Radio" broadcast reruns interview with multimedia artist Steve Williams & on-air advisement session with interior designer Cory Michael

I rebroadcast this show (which originally aired in 2002) because my heart wasn't into doing the live one I'd planned RE: World Trade Week 2005. See the post above RE: the death of my beloved Aunt Frances.

Steve Williams has contracts with such organizations as the National Basketball Association, various entertainment industry clients and institutional clients. Cory Michael does interior design--including textured wall, floor and ceiling designs-- for residential and business customers, such as Circle Entertainment (whose Cory Michael design incorporates the clients' platinum records). He also designs clothing for his brother and sister who are professional singers/musicians. Steve, who hails from South Carolina, and Cory, who's originally from N'Awlins, are young, hunky, southern gentlemen with fantastic talents and bright futures. I'll soon post the audiotape of that show right here so you can hear it for yourself!