Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Two Westchester County Programs ease the bite of home energy bills

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY - The War on Terror and natural disasters have hiked fuel costs to unmanageable levels for many Americans. In response,Westchester County, NY is helping local residents beat back home heating costs.

Two offerings--The CHEAP (County Home Energy Assistance ) and the HEAP (Home Energy Assistance Program) --can assist Westchester County residents who meet certain income guidelines. According to the Westchetser.Gov. com web page coded, "Gasoline and Katrina,"

"CHEAP - The County's Home Energy Assistance Program offers a one-time payment of $100 to eligible households that apply before March 31. A family of four with a maximum income of $53,000 would qualify. Call 995-6759 or click here for more information and a CHEAP application.

"HEAP - Residents with lower incomes may be eligible for the federal HEAP program administered by Westchester County. Residents interested in applying for HEAP can schedule an appointment to determine eligibility. Call (01) 914-995-5619 or click here for more information and a HEAP application."

The "Gasoline and K atrina" page also links to hot tips for cutting costs by conserving energy:

Readers are encouraged to contact their local and state government agencies for additional resources offering assistance with home and business energy costs. ###