Thursday, February 23, 2006

Westchester County Emergency Volunteer Reserves-Medical Reserve Corps Launches Emergency Preparedness Tips Series on the 2/22/06 "Lisa Tolliver Show"

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY - The Westchester Emergency Volunteer Reserves - Medical Reserve Corps (WEVR-MRC) and WEVR-trainee, Lisa Tolliver, have teamed up to broadcast regular Emergency Preparedness Tips. Emergency Preparedness Tip #1 - "Develop an Emergency Plan," aired February 22, 2006 on "The Lisa Tolliver Show" on New York Radio WVOX AM 1460 and

WEVR-MRC's advice for developing an effective escape plan was especially timely (read the details below), since the African American History Month segment on which it aired featured a tour of the Underground Railroad: the network of supporters and secret routes the helped runaway slaves escape slavery in the American South. Hear future safety tips on "Lisa Tolliver Show" every 2nd and 4th Wednesday at 1:30-2:00 pm, Eastern Time. The show's "four-eyed" mission is to inform, instruct, intrigue and inspire listeners about what's happening in the world of non-profits and current affairs.

For information on how you can join the Westchester Emergency Volunteer Reserves - Medical Reserve Corps, contact The Volunteer Center at 866-VOL-CALL or visit or To read about the January 25, 2006 "Lisa Tolliver Show" featuring WEVR-MRC, click here.