Friday, March 31, 2006

Reaction to: "News From Audio Graphics: David Lee Roth, An Exercise In Futility"

Article Abstract:

CBS Radio has a problem. David Lee Roth also has a problem. One is how to get out of a contract that it so vigorously supported less than 90 days ago, the other is how to (gracefully) exit a disaster. Full Story

Whew! I don't disagree with the acid-penned author of "News From Audio Graphics: David Lee Roth, An Exercise In Futility" (3/30/2006) or some of the literate listeners who responded (especially Barbara). But what most loudly spoke to me was not the debate about the ability of David Lee Roth, CBS Radio or anyone else to fill Howard Stern's big, vacated sh*tkickers. Rather, I read the article from a radio host's perspective and took away two key messages, one general and one personal. The first: don't enter the limelight if you can't stand the heat. The second: I need a good producer to provide the standard of listening experience to which I'd like my listeners to become accustomed.

Non Sequitur I- David Lee Roth ("Diamond Dave), Then and Now:

David Lee Roth Then - source : Cover from David Lee Roth's 1986 album Eat'em and Smile, accessed at

David Lee Roth Now - source :

Non Sequitur II - Howard Stern, Then and Now:

Howard Stern's never been my cup of tea, but I can't help but feel connected to him. My mother taught English and Espanol at Roosevelt Junior-Senior High School back in the days when she was known as "Mrs. Tolliver," Julius (Dr. J) Erving was taking her junior high English class, and how-do-you-like-Howard-now was getting chased home by bullies. Mom and I wonder if that experience shaped Mr. Stern's perspective. Additionally, a personal note from Mr. Stern to William O'Shaughnessy - President and CEO, Whitney Radio, is posted publicly at the studio that broadcasts my shows.###