Sunday, March 26, 2006

TV: Flavor of Love Extras from VH1 - "New York Hospitality"

The President of Sports Cart Media emailed me the following:

You should use this on your show:

Extras: New York Hospitality
Check out New York giving Hoopz the business and claiming her
[Click here to access the VSPOT clip.]

Here's my take on what you'll see:

The "ladies" in red face off before Flav makes his final selection. New York - who has from the get-go taken both the game and her chances of winning waaaaay too seriously - tells Hoopz:
I wish you the best of luck. Hopefully, you will find someone to grow happy with. But that someone is not Flav. Because Flav is my [unintelligible].
New York's comeback demonstrates she needs both hope and a better oracle:
I don't work on hope. I don't need hope. I work on fate. And fate says to me that you are leaving. You can choose the front or the back. But you're leaving here tonight.
Didn't New York's mother teach her: don't count chickens before they're hatched, and men don't need to buy cows with heifers giving them milk for free?

Hoopz demonstrates her superior grasp of both reality and the future when she warns New York portentously:
You're gonna walk your ass out that door.
At the end of the show, Hoopz' hope is fulfilled and her prediction comes to pass: Flav shows New York the door.

Although Flav put New York out to pasture, she should not cry over spilt milk. I sincerely hope she will find someone to grow happy with. But that someone is not Flav.###