Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Feedback on "Lisa Tolliver On Air and Online: May 5 is Cinco de Mayo (an historical holiday) and this month's Bonza Bottler Day (a marketer's dream)"

Date: Tue, 30 May 2006 09:36:41 EDT
Subject: Bonza Bottler Day Originator & Thanks

Dear Ms. Tolliver -

I read your Cinco de Mayo - Super Bonza Bottler Day article and was thrilled. Years ago a friend started this monthly holiday. I first read about it in our local newspaper and also read in the same article a disturbing point. My friend and the originator of the holiday, Elaine Freemont, was killed in a traffic accident. I, and the world, gained a great monthly holiday and at the same time I learned of it, I found I had lost a friend.

Following is the link to an article that describes acurately Elaine's idea of the celebration. Upon searching further, another article states that Elaine had this registered in Washington. (?) Elaine was a super person that enjoyed life without the desire or need of alcohol, etc. She had the Lord and His spirit and joy in her life and I look forward to the days I'll see her again.


I felt compelled to write you to clear up the authorship, and also to thank you for mentioning it. After first reading in our paper about the holiday, I never forgot the concept - however, I did forget the strange name and I have you to thank for bringing that to light - THANK YOU!

Happy Bonza Bottler Days!

Debbie Knebel

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