Thursday, April 13, 2006

Lettin’ you know what time it is: Flav postpones April 26 “Lisa Tolliver Show” appearance until June to promote new project

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY - The Lisa Tolliver Show will next air Wednesday, April 26 at 1:30-2:00 p.m., Eastern Time on New York Radio WVOX AM 1460 and Co-host: actor/playwright Ray Aydelott, ubiquitous entertainer/restaurateur Joe Franklin and performer with the King Charles Unicycle Troupe, David Reid.

Ray and I had originally booked entertainer Flavor Flav (who we homeboyz and girlz knew as Rico Drayton back in the day) for that date and folks were biting the bit to ask questions such as: what's up with Hoopz? (More on her below.)

Alas, gentle audience, we must push back from that table, at least temporarily. Yesterday, Flav's people rescheduled his seating, postponing his Lisa Tolliver Show appearance until he returns from abroad and can promote his new project a week or so before its June 14 debut. That's show biz!

Not to worry, I'll let you know what time it is. And chew on this: New York (a.k.a. Tiffany Patterson) and some of the 18 other jilted rivals who vied for the "Black-chelor's" romantic affections on the VH1 surreality show, The Flavor of Love, are doing their own publicity tours. That's sure to provide many courses of lip smacking conversation.

When Flav finally partakes in The Lisa Tolliver Show, we can dig in for fresh juicy tidbits. In the meantime, so much is already on the table being hashed and rehashed. Take Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander (a.k.a. Darling Nikki), for example, winner of Flav's "undying love" and a custom dental grille on The Flavor of Love. In the final episode, Flav didn't clock New York; Hoopz netted the victor's spoils. Then came the reunion show and the revelation that Hoopz and Flav were no longer together. Flav spilled the beans on the Tom Joyner Show that he hadn't heard from Hoopz since the show wrapped. I guess her true aims (like those of other reality show contestants involved in various aspects of show biz) were to hype her career and walk the red carpet, not walk down the aisle with Flav. So she's still single and Flav's left looking for another leading lady.

Don't cry for them or the ladies who lost out to Hoopz. The show's ratings basted everyone involved in The Flavor of Love with the winner's brush. As reported by

The series finale of Flavor Flav’s reality dating show Flavor of Love became VH1’s highest-rated show ever when its finale aired Sunday night. The show attracted nearly 6 million viewers who tuned in to see the Public Ememy [sic] member’s final decision, as he chose Hoopz, a.k.a. Nikki Alexander, after eliminating 19 other single ladies. The show was the highest-rated telecast among all basic cable programs on Sunday night and the entire preceding week.

Hoopz has admitted that the show heated up her modeling and acting career, if not her love life with the Black-chelor. Flav's working on multiple new projects, like the one that took him overseas. And VH1, having freshly digested The Flavor of Love season 1 cash cow, has already bellied up to the bar for second helpings. Formal announcements of the show's renewal have already been made, and fresh meat willing to feed at the trough may click here to access the The Flavor of Love 2 Casting Call. Wooo, sooiiee!

In the meantime, I will continue serving up shows to tickle the palate with stories and appearances from extraordinary people, some famous, some not so famous, from all walks of life. Here's a sampler of what's cookin' on my 2006 broadcast menu:

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