Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Not all of my rants, raves & reviews are blogged here or broadcasted. Some, like these, are distributed elsewhere.

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY - If a tree falls in the forest can anyone hear it? If you shine your light under a barrel can anyone see it? Will an opinion and two bits get you on the bus?
For as long as I can remember, I've enjoyed composing, editing and critiquing various types of works. My Writers.net profile describes my earliest gigs (grading essays and exams for teachers). Later assignments (such as serving on my junior high and high school yearbook committees) led to more lucrative stints at Harvard Student Agencies and Radcliffe Publishing (where I edited and prepared Let's Go travel guides and other documents for publication), and at United Press International. The above-mentioned profile lists some of the gigs that ensued. Most recently, I've gone public and taken my show on the road, so to speak, broadcasting reviews on my radio shows and joining the ranks of reviewers at Epinions.com (a Shopping.com company) and the more prestigious Blog Critics (a sinister cabal of superior bloggers on music, books, film, popular culture, technology, and politics).
I invite you to visit my Epinions.com Public Profile (where my pseudonym is "discerningny"), and my Blog Critics Author Archive (where I boldly use my given name) to read my critiques and those of my esteemed colleagues and register to receive update alerts about your favorite reviewers. Moroever, I encourage you to join the fray: respond to those postings and even register to publish your own critiques.
What's in it for you? You can get your voice heard. You can shine your opinions out of the darkness to the light. You can engage in literate discourse (or at least be amused). And, oh yeah, you can (as a reviewer) earn money and all kinds of free stuff. ###