Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Does your first date signal "keeper" or "cast another net"?

Today, MSN Dating and Personals united this pair of articles under "Finding the One". His read: 10 sure signs she's a keeper (a.k.a., She's a keeper!). Hers said: 6 First-date signs he's Mr. Right (a.k.a., First date signs he’s a keeper).

Those articles evoked memories of dates I've had and those of my friends. We've got tons of tales to tell about belles and beaus whose first date behavior signalled either "keeper" or "cast another net".

I'm sure you have stories worth sharing, too.

If so, I invite you to share them in a series of intimate conversations I'm planning for a few million listeners and me. They'll air during episodes of my upcoming talk radio and podcast programs.

Whether you're shy and commitment phobic, or demonstrative, even exhibitionist, not to worry. We can engage on any number of levels of involvement. You could:

  • Emulate Cyrano de Bergerac by submitting your story, tips and advice for my team and me to report for you;
  • Speak your own piece, live on air;
  • Keep me, by serving as a paid sponsor, and, in return receive public displays of gratitude and promotion of your products and services;
  • Serenade, and otherwise tantalize all involved, by submitting original AND RELEVANT (!) music, poetry, script, love potions, recipes for romance, and other products and services for consideration.

[NOTE: my team and I reserve the right to select and edit submissions at our discretion, and intellectual property rights to transcripts and recordings of my broadcasts and other media will be held by original creators and 360 MERIDIAN, LLC.]

Here's how to reach me. Email ltolliver AT 360meridian DOT com, or phone or fax (01) 309 279 7528.