Wednesday, May 23, 2007

ON AIR: My voice is back and so is the 'Lisa Tolliver Show'. Join us at high noon (ET) today.

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY - My voice is back (hallelujah!) and so is the Lisa Tolliver Show. I'm taking full advantage by chatting up today's guests, callers and co-host Patricia Burgess (of Water Moon Arts) at high noon (Eastern Time). You can hear and share by tuning to New York Radio WVOX 1460 AM, streaming online at, or phoning our call-in line: (01) 914.636.0110.

Today's show should provide food for thought...and for the soul. It should also be a pod people pleaser.

My featured guest is best-selling author, motivational speaker and spiritual leader Mike George. His latest book is Don't Get MAD Get Wise: Why no one ever makes you angry, ever!Links to that, and some of his other books, are featured below. You might also want to check out Mike's RelaxCentre at

Today's listeners should also look forward to an update from Bruce Chambers. If you haven't read about him in Newsday's recent article, "Home is Where the Podcast Is," or any one of the other articles featuring website-design-savvy, music-loving podcasting experts then you might know him as the founder of Podcaster Who's Who and the Long Island Podcast Network (Long Island's fastest growing podcast station).

Old Bruce (pictured left, in the Newsday photo) has some new tricks up his sleeve, and I'll be involved with some of them. In his phone-in he'll dish some scoop about his new podcasting magazine (which I'll contribute to), an upcoming Podcamp (where I'll be a featured speaker), and more! Here's a hint: splish splash he'll be speaking at an upcoming podcruise. Stay tuned.

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SCHEDULING NOTES: Our previously scheduled guest, Regina Howard from Dress For Success, will join us next month. In the interim, check out and the organization's upcoming events. Also next month, we'll talk with (and meet via podcasts) three reknowned performing artists: dancer/choreographer Dario, musician/composer Patricia, and musician/educator Claire.###