Thursday, May 10, 2007

ON TV: One monkey(wrench) don't stop no show - exhibit A is Jackie Warner

IMAGE CREDIT: Jackie Warner 6.jpg, accessed at Jackie Warner - Wikipedia.

One monkey(wrench) don't stop no show. And if you've really got the goods, you don't always have to flash them.

Exhibit A is Jackie Warner: the owner and managing director of SKYSPORT&SPA and star of Bravo TV's reality show, Workout. Jackie never works out in the grueling boot camps she subjects her trainers and clients to or shares her body fat composition on camera as she does theirs). Nevertheless. it's clear to see: Jackie Warner is one lean, mean personal fitness queen.

Jackie also proves my points in Workout Episode 206, in which she "travels to Indianapolis to present her clothing line to executives at a chain of stores called Pavia." The meeting seemed successful, even though the samples produced by Jackie's (now ex-)manufacturer were so poorly made that she couldn't show them. Consequently, the $400 per hour fitness professional had to muscle her way through a power-presentation that was entirely verbal and conceptual.

In contrast, the solution to overcoming the monkey(wrench) that threatened to stop my talk radio show yesterday was anything but verbal (on my part, at least). I had laryngitis, so this talk show host couldn't talk. Nonetheless, my guests, WVOX sound engineer and I pulled off a really good Lisa Tolliver Show broadcast. You can read about the show, and some listener feedback, in "ON AIR: I was silenced by laryngitis, so guests Tanya Calamoneri and Patricia Burgess of The Field interviewed each other." ###