Wednesday, July 25, 2007

ON AIR: Atten Hut! Join Music Minister, Major Ouida Harding, and me at 1200 hours, Eastern Time on the 'Lisa Tolliver Show'

"Is there a doctor in the house?" is usually the call when one needs healing. And retired Army Major Ouida Waltryce Harding (affectionately known as "Major") made sure someone answered that call - sometimes answering it herself - throughout a 26-year career in the United States Army and Army Reserve.

"Is there music in your life?" is another call Major has long answered. As a musician (piano, organ), Chaplain Musician in the Army, church minister, clinician, musical director, support guest musician, prodigy, pioneer, and instructor, she has ministered to the spirits, souls and senses of diverse civilian and military audiences, off-air and worldwide. These are just three of the doctoral candidate's current roles:
  • Minister of Music at Walker Memorial Baptist Church in the Bronx,
  • Dean of Seminars and Training for the National Baptist Convention, and
  • Founder of The Worship Arts Theological Training and Resource Center, Inc., which, her bio says "will serve as a conduit with a training mission to assist persons who serve in Music and Worship Leadership, but have not had the benefit of dedicated training to support their assigned task; serve as pastoral consultant; and "grow" bona fide church musicians, especially back home in the Harlem community where for her it all began."
There's so much more. But I'll wait for the show to sing like a canary. Come and witness this glorious guest!

Today, Major will minister to the Lisa Tolliver Show audience on air and online. Join us at 1200 hours, Eastern Time. Tune to New York Radio WVOX 1460 AM, listen live at, or hear and share via phone at (01) 914 636 0110.

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BELOW: Dorothy Norwood and Cissy Houston are but two of the gospel artists Major has worked with. The ads below access some of their music.