Wednesday, July 11, 2007

ON AIR (July 11, 2007): Today's 'Lisa Tolliver Show' features Michael Bongar and Tina Volz of BongarBiz

IMAGE: Courtesy of BongarBiz. Pictured, clockwise from center: Michael Bongar, Julie Surrey, Tina Volz , and Cheryl Lynn Schruefer.

Come one, come all! My guest and I will be on air today at high noon, Eastern Time. Come join us. Tune to New York radio WVOX 1460 AM, listen live at, or hear and share by phone at (01) 914.636.0110.

Today's 'Lisa Tolliver Show' features an interview with two creative giants at BongarBiz, the entertainment and event programming company formerly known as "The New York Follies" and as "Michael Bongar Entertainment, Inc". Michael Bongar is the firm's savvy President and a real clown. Tina Volz is the company's Creative and Marketing Director and the woman behind the man in the photo above and in real life.

Come let us inform, instruct, intrigue, inspire and entertain you. You'll meet two fascinating creative folks, hear about Barnum and Bailey Clown School, learn about some exciting events BongarBiz has presented on TV, in the movies and at live venues worldwide, and get a glimpse into the worlds of talent booking, and event planning and management.