Sunday, July 29, 2007 and podcamp: you don't come out the way you went in

Lynn, Lynn,
city of sin.
You never come out

the way you went in.

- Popular rhyme about Lynn, MA.

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It's common knowledge: Lynn (MA), Ivy League universities, boot camp, and my courses are places from which you don't come out the way you went in. Two others are and podcamp.

  • First case in point: D'oh! [Full the full Simpsons experience, check out the playlist above.]

The before and after images (above), which I collectively call "Lisa-Lisa Simpson(ized)," speak for themselves. Bruce C. (Podcamp City Online Co-Organizer) Simpsonsized me (and the other Podcamp City Online speakers) during last night's Let's Not All Podcast At Once!! session.

  • Second case in point: Podcamp

Having attended Podcamp NYC and lectured at PodCamp City Online, I just want to testify: all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't undo the benefits associated with podcamp participation. And who'd want them to? It's a pod, pod, pod, pod world!