Monday, October 30, 2006

I got shot on Wall Street

I got shot on Wall Street yesterday.

So did six other women, including telecommunications executive-cum-fashion designer Helene Kidary. The total body count included four women with fit, sample-size figures and a fondness for fashion, and three professional models (two of whom appeared with Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada). One of the models, Andrea Sooch, conspired with Helene to set us all up.

The shooting started at high noon. By sunset, evidence of what went down draped the scene and everyone involved had scattered like tumbleweeds in the wind.

If this is the first you've heard, it won't be the last.

The details will be difficult to miss. Photos will soon be published and I'll be blogging and broadcasting inside scoop for months. Be on the lookout for interviews with Helene and some of the models in time for Fashion Week and Coterie in February 2007.

What a stylish shooting it was!

Of course, I'm referring to a commercial photography shoot for Helene Kidary's signature fshion line. The demographically diverse models ranged in age from late 20's to late 50's. The glam group of women [each with "poise & power who could have a 6 digit income running her own company"] had gathered to shoot catalogue/lifestyle photos featuring corporate, cocktail and leisure wear.

Ross Tucker featured Helene Kidary's designs in Women's Wear Daily - Denim Dish: From 'Corporate to Cocktail,' (October 12, 2006):
In October 2005, Kidary starting moving forward with her line, focusing on marrying high-end designer materials with denim and targeting professional women between the ages of 35 and 65.
Lesley Scott published, in Fashiontribes Daily - Denim Becomes a Fashion Do at Work, portions of the WWD interview that more sharply pinpointed Kidary's target market:

"Corporate wear, that's my primary consumer," explains Kidary, who is keeping her telecomms day job. "I'm looking to women who travel, who have to go from corporate to cocktail at the end of the day. It's catering to women who are escalating through the ranks of business and society."

Sounds like me and a few thousand other women I know.

Who dunnit?

The shooter was photographer Paul Newland. Check out his sheet at I told his wife, who rode shotgun: the Newlands must have some fantastic family photos.

Learn more in future posts, photos and radio programs about such topics as:

  • Facing facts: Am I fit for fashion or just a face for radio?
  • Stripping bare: My true impressions of Kidary's fashions.
  • Fashionably late and yet right on time: An interview with designer Helene Kidary.
  • Not just pretty faces: Glimpses behind the glamorous facades of a fistful of fashion models and fashionistas.

Photos courtesy of Helene Kidary, CEO/Design Director, HELENE KIDARY NEW YORK CITY.###