Thursday, October 26, 2006

October 25 'Lisa Tolliver Show': Volunteer Opportunities on Make a Difference Day and Year-Round

Photos of featured guest, Shannon Cobb, Deputy Director of the Volunteer-Center, taken by Lisa Tolliver at New York Radio WVOX AM 1460 on October 25, 2006. Copyright (c) Lisa Tolliver. All Rights Reserved.

ROUNDUP: In 'Lisa Tolliver Show' guests save and improve lives year-round, I announced that Marianne Partridge, Program Director at WEVR-MRC, and Shannon Cobb, Deputy Director at the Volunteer-Center (depicted above) would be my guests on the October 25 Lisa Tolliver Show on New York Radio WVOX AM 1460. Indeed, Marianne shared Emergency Preparedness & Safety Tip #13 - CLASSIFICATION AND TREATMENT OF BURNS and the how-to's and benefits associated with volunteering with WEVR-MRC. Shannon shared numerous ideas for volunteering and advice for making a difference.

NEXT STEPS: I hope listeners learned to classify and treat burns and will apply what they learned from Marianne's Safety Tip #13. I also hope listeners will pitch in to make a difference. On Saturday, this blog will post some of those ideas in honor of Make a Difference Day. ###