Thursday, October 12, 2006

Some ways to keep an audience awake

Monday's posting at TJ's InSights: Solution For the Boring Speaker touched on a danger I regularly guard against on the radio, in the classroom and on the podium. I recommend putting into practice the advice offered by TJ and resources such as these.

I know from whence I speak. Oftentimes, when not on the mic myself, I help others (e.g., university students, radio guests, executives, attorneys, and entrepreneurs) to polish their presentations, spice up their speaking and enliven their events. I have also written speeches for everyone from top corporate executives to eulogists at funerals. My next gig of that ilk will be the November 18 Boy Scouts of America Danceathon/Fundraiser in the Bronx.

Some recognizable personalities whom I've recently talked with on air include those whose pictures I shot in the studio (celebrated criminal attorney, Murray Richman; and the King Charles Unicycle Troupers (pictured above are the group's manager and performer David Reid). Other recent Lisa Tolliver Show guests include those whose press photos and products are depicted below: German cinetmatographer / director /writer - Emanuel Rund [creator of Alle Juden raus! (1990)]; Guinness World Record holder, a.k.a. "Mr. Talk Show," Joe Franklin; and musician, Public Enemy hype man, VH1 star - Flavor Flav.